Kagayaki Table mat(SAKURA)
Kagayaki Table mat(SAKURA)

Kagayaki Table mat(SAKURA)

Product features
Made with fine Japanese paper. Printed Traditional Japanese Flowers.
Product specification
Size: 390 mm × 265 mm Material: color Japanese paper 100 sheets × 10 bundles = 1000 sheets included One case: ¥16000

Chopsticks [39]

Luxury japanese paper
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Chopsticks [39]
Chopsticks cover(inner envelope) [1]
Chopsticks cover(mini37) [16]
Chopsticks cover(folded in three) [15]
Chopsticks cover(folded in three on both ends) [1]
Chopsticks paper band [4]
Table mat [17]
Chopsticks rest mat [5]
Coaster [32]
Tempura paper [7]
Wet paper towel [8]
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