Nagai Shigyo Corporation pursues the beauty, function and possibilities of Japanese paper.

Nagai Shigyo Corporation has started with the making of handmade Japanese paper. In Taisho era, Nagai Denzaemon, from Kuniyasu Village (now Saijo City), Ehime prefecture, was very passionate about traditional japanese paper.In 1955, he was successfully able to make traditional Japanese paper using paper making machine.Now a days, we are resellers of traditional Japanese paper of various makers from around Japan.We also plan, design, manufacture, process and sell various processed products made from "Japanese paper" using traditional Japanese techniques.We strive to deliver beautiful Japanese paper made products to everyone around the world.

Since 1928, we've specialized in the processing and printing of Japanese traditional paper (washi). generally deemed to be difficult within the printing industry. As we expanded our business further, we began offering chopstick covers to the foodservice industry, and eventually developed our original brand "Edo-cho", which became very popular within the SP industry.Our main products are environmentally friendly, we use a lot of bamboo pulp in our base paper. We've been certified by "Non-Wood Green Products Association of Japan" recognizing our environmentally friendly products.We invest continuously on the development of innovative products, that are ahead of the current trends. Our business motto is "Create products that no others can imitate".
15 Feb 2018
We are pleased to announce the launch of our global website.
Starting February 2018, we are excited to announce the launch of our english site for our global customers.
Please feel free to contact us, using our inquiry form, should you have any questions, need a price quote or require any further information about our products.

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Chopsticks [39]
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